PRO Services In Dubai, UAE

Hassle-free PRO assistance and document clearing services that allow you to focus on your business.

Pro Services

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Avenue Classic Documents Clearing Service is formally perceived and a registered UAE PRO specialist organization in Dubai.We additionally have a Tasheel Center inside our office to give you all day backing. This likewise decreases the time taken for processing documents and records, verifications, attestations and makes it the most reasonable PRO services in Dubai.

Documents Clearing Service In Dubai, UAE.

  • Approvals from all government organizations.
  • Trade name approval.
  • Court Agreement letter/Notary.
  • Composing LLC contract (Arabic and English).
  • Paperwork related to embassy.
  • Paperwork related to civil defense.
  • Paperwork related to municipality.
  • Paperwork related to labor department.
  • Paperwork related to immigration.
  • Paperwork related to economic department.
  • Attestation of certificates.
  • Legal interpretation.
  • UAE license to operate services.
  • Contract clearance.
  • Administrations for visa preparing.
  • Visa amendment.
  • Immigration card renewal.
  • Labour card renewal.

Government Bodies That We Work With

  • UAE embassy.
  • Judicial Courts Authorities.
  • Immigration & Naturalization Department.
  • Roads and Transport Authority.
  • General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs.
  • Department of Economic Development.
  • Chamber of Commerce.
  • Ministry of Labour.